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Transport of Wind Farm Components

Transport of Wind Farm Components.

OL-Trans, as a transportation company, participates in various transportation projects. One of our flagship services is the transportation of wind farm components for the construction of wind farms throughout Poland, as well as in Germany and other countries across Europe. Our central location in Europe allows us to reach any required destination.

The transportation of wind turbine towers is a complex process that we approach with utmost care and precision right from the planning stage, route mapping, bypassing obstacles, loading all tower components such as towers, blades, nacelles, and safely transporting and unloading them at wind farm construction sites.

From the very beginning of the investment planning, OL-Trans provides a range of services that streamline the entire project execution and transportation process. We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Project documentation
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Planning transportation routes and simulating their feasibility
  • Coordination with local authorities
  • Traffic management and piloting
  • Selection of our own specialized vehicles for transportation
  • Cargo securing
  • Unloading with the use of cranes

The entire process is carried out in a safe manner, in compliance with the applicable regulations. Therefore, we guarantee customer satisfaction and timely completion of our services.

Transporting wind farm components requires specialized equipment, which OL-Trans has in its fleet. As experts in the transportation of oversized cargo, we meet all expectations related to their transportation.

We have successfully completed numerous projects and can proudly call ourselves experts in this field, as confirmed by our satisfied clients, including Siemens Gamesa and Vestas.

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where you can take a closer look at our exemplary work.