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Ol-Trans based on the know-how developed for over 25 years, a modern transport fleet and qualified, available staff, provides top-quality services in areas such as over-normative, specialised and heavy transport, as well as standard national and international one.
The company's offer is complemented by crane services, warehousing and forklift hire. Get acquainted with the details of our offer.


Comprehensive transport services are the domain of Ol-Trans. Therefore, a wide range of services are on offer, including:

  • national and international transport,
  • standard and specialised transport,
  • transport of normative and over-normative loads,
  • road and intermodal transport.

When carrying out freight services, we select the right transport set for each type of load, and carefully check the routes. An integral part of our services also includes:

  • completion of legalities,
  • securing the goods,
  • loading and unloading,
  • professional piloting,
  • transport safety control.

When preparing for transport, we carefully fulfil all conditions related to the realisation of the transport in each country, taking into account the necessary documents and requirements regarding driving time, piloting and vehicle marking.


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payload up to 24t loading surface up to 90m3 loading height 2.8m


payload up to 24t loading area up to 100m3 loading height 3m



payload up to 28t loading height 1.3m


payload up to 28t loading height 1m

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from 13.6 m to 20.1 m
payload up to 28 t


from 13.6 m to 20.1 m
load capacity up to 28 t


3 axles

Load capacity up to 30 t
extension from 13.6 m to 36.5 m

4 axles

Load capacity up to 40 t
extension from 18 m to 61 m

5 axles

Load capacity up to 50 t
extension from 18 m to 61 m


4 to 9 axles, payload up to 100 t, loading height up to 0.5 m


3 to 8 axles, payload up to 30 t to 80 t, loading height up to 0.8 m


10 to 88 axles, load capacity up to 15 t per axle

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Road transport is one of Ol-Trans' flagship services. Therefore, we guarantee fast and reliable transport of goods, both in terms of general cargo as well as over-normative and oversize loads. Our own fleet of vehicles, including those dedicated to over-normative and heavy transport, allows us to deliver any load to the designated location. Using a highly diversified fleet, we are able to transport loads weighing up to 700t, up to 100m long, 15m wide and 10 high, which is why one of our specialities is the transport of wind power stations. At Ol-Trans, we also provide expert route planning, assistance in drawing up the necessary documentation and proper preparation of the load for transport.


In order to provide a comprehensive and fully coordinated form of transport for the indicated load, we have extended our activities to include intermodal transport. As a result, by relying on various types of transport, we can deliver goods to their destination without the need for transhipment. When organising intermodal transport, we take responsibility for the entire cargo delivery process, guaranteeing fast and prompt delivery of any cargo, even the most demanding one. Intermodal transport allows to reduce the cost of long-distance transport, optimise the carriage of goods, reduce the risk of damage to the cargo and improve the delivery, therefore, it is a service worth considering. Especially since, at Ol-Trans, we are ready to handle single deliveries as well as regular cargo sequences.


At Ol-Trans, we offer nationwide rental of telescopic mobile cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 500t and high functionality. We also provide basket lifts with a reach of 38 m and a wide range of chain, rope and belt slings. Naturally, we always provide professional advice on choosing the best equipment according to the type of work to be carried out. Our operators, who have many years' experience in using the equipment we hire, are also available to our customers. We know that the crane services we provide are one of the essential foundations of renovation, construction and industrial works, which is why we attach great importance to the quality of our offer.


Warehousing, including the temporary storage and picking of loads, is an integral part of the transport industry's work. Therefore, it is a service that could not be missing in our offer. At Ol-Trans, we provide rental of warehouse space and full service of the stored goods, guaranteeing appropriate conditions for each type of cargo. We also ensure that all warehouse operations are carried out to the highest standards. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of our customers' valuable goods, we provide 24-hour monitoring and permanent protection of warehouse space. By combining warehouse and transport services, we can provide comprehensive logistics solutions with the highest quality standards.


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