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Reliable transport is an integral part of the smooth running of almost any business.
That is why at Ol-Trans we have been comprehensively supporting small and large companies with the organisation of national and international transport since 1995. Over the years, we have gained the trust of our customers and established ourselves as a professional company specialising in non-normative and oversize transport.

At Ol-Trans, we have been focused on growth from the very beginning. That is why today we can boast an extensive fleet of vehicles, including 80 tractors, 92 specialised semi-trailers and more than 20 mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 500 tonnes. We also have our own workshop and warehouses. In addition to the company headquarters located in Kruszyn near Bydgoszcz, we have opened new branches – in Żory and Gdańsk, as well as in Lübeck, Germany.

We take an individual approach to the execution of each order, while drawing on the know-how and knowledge of the transport industry developed over the years, which allows us to guarantee the highest standard of service. As part of our services, we take care of all transport formalities, maintain constant control over the cargo and efficiently carry out deliveries on national and international routes.

We also employ specialised staff, led by drivers experienced in working with non-normative loads. All this enables us to undertake even the most difficult tasks, relying exclusively on our own resources, including the use of our own fleet. As a result, we operate efficiently, on-time and comprehensively, taking full responsibility for the loads entrusted to us.

Polish family company with long traditions
and highly qualified staff

Ol-Trans is a family-run company that was founded on a sincere and keen interest in the transport industry. This passion for what we do has remained to this day. The foundation of our company is made up of people who understand the Ol-Trans philosophy. People who we value for their great commitment, many years of experience and high qualifications. They are high-class specialists, including managers, forwarders, drivers, administrative staff, mechanics and consultants. Experts in their fields, with different personalities, skills and interests, so that they complement each other and make the impossible reachable. They are the ones who watch over the quality and safety of the tasks performed every day, provide professional and comprehensive service for every project and offer expert advice. Ol-Trans consists of people with knowledge and experience in the transport industry who are worth trusting.


Through hard work, we have managed to create a company that has a reputation and the trust of our customers. Contractors value us for our innovative ideas and individual approach to each order. One of our successes is joining the elite group of companies that transport wind power stations in Europe. We work diligently, carefully and professionally and always in accordance with the applicable law. This is confirmed by our membership in the International Road Transport Union in Geneva and by numerous certificates and awards, including the ESTA awards of excellence. In recent years, we have also ensured the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality standard.


The Ol-Trans transport company stands for reliability, innovation, commitment and honesty. We guarantee transparent terms of cooperation, professional advice and an individual approach to every order. Based on these values, Ol-Trans has developed a strong position on the trucking market and has won the trust of contractors both in Poland and abroad.


Ol-Trans' mission is to provide the highest quality of services, together with a guarantee of timeliness, reliability and safety of each order. Our priority is to support our customers through perfectly performed tasks within such areas as transport, logistic service, crane services or renting warehouse space, as well as individual approach to each order. We believe that our knowledge and experience will make everyone appreciate working with our team. We want each and every customer to be satisfied with cooperation with us, which is why we make every effort to perform tasks comprehensively, reliably and on-time. We also take care of issues such as providing high value OCPD insurance for both standard transports and wind tower transports. Corporate social responsibility is also an important issue for Ol-Trans. That is why we are happy to get involved in projects that go beyond our daily tasks. We help local primary schools, sponsor a football team and support a local motorcycle club.


Ol-Trans is a Polish family company with a long tradition. From the very beginning we have been focused on development and striving to continuously improve our services. We are constantly improving our qualifications, expanding our fleet of vehicles and investing in the development of our company. With our commitment and consistent approach, we want to build an even bigger and more recognisable brand in Poland and Europe, which will give us a competitive advantage over the industry leaders on the continent in the future. With innovative ideas, solutions and a detailed analysis of our customers' needs, we aim to be first in the competitive market of transport services. We believe that our work will contribute to setting new standards in the TSL industry. If you want to start cooperating with Ol-Trans call or write to us, we are at your disposal!



Iwona Rybka

Chief Financial Officer


Aleksander Rybka

Chief Executive Officer


Monika Rybka

Business Development Manager

Leszek Szczygielski-Oltrans-Dyrektor Działu Logistyki-Transport

Leszek Szczygielski

Head of Logistics

Małgorzata Grzyb-Manedżer Projektów Trasnportowych-Oltrans

Małgorzata Grzyb

Transport Projects Manager

Łukasz Musiał-Project Manager-Oltrans-Transport

Łukasz Musiał

Project Manager

Marcin Kalbarczyk-Menadżer Projektów Transportowych-Oltrans

Marcin Kalbarczyk

Transport Projects Manager

Adrian Rocham - menadżer operacyjny w fimie oltrans

Adrian Rochmann

Operations Manager

Adrian Gzyl

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Arkadiusz Wąs - Oltrans-Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu

Arkadiusz Wąs

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Daniel Szynwelski

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Daniel Zielkowski - Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu - oltrans

Daniel Zielkowski

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Diana Wobolewicz - Oltrans-Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu i pilotaży

Diana Wobolewicz

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Jarosław Wódzki - Oltrans-Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu

Jarosław Wódzki

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Karolina Latos - Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu - oltrans

Karolina Latos

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Krzysztof Łojewski

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Piotr Stabeusz - Oltrans-Specjalista ds. logistyki i transportu

Piotr Stabeusz

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Vladimir Kryvetski

Logistics and Transport Specialist

Łukasz Śledzikowski - koordynator projektów w firmie oltrans

Łukasz Śledzikowski

Project Cordinator

Łukasz Poznań - Menadżer Operacyjny w firmie oltrans

Łukasz Poznań

Operations Manager

Darek Lewandowski - Oltrans - Serwis mobilny i zaopatrzenie - transport

Darek Lewandowski

Mobile Service and Procurement

Karolina Jasińska - Oltrans - Specjalista ds. marketingu i PR - transport

Karolina Jasińska

Marketing and PR Specialist

Małgorzata Smardzewska - Oltrans - Specjalista ds. księgowości - transport

Małgorzata Smardzewska

Accounting Specialist

Julia Bałka - Andruszczak - Oltrans - Specjalista ds. księgowości - transport

Julia Bałka-Andruszczak

Accounting Specialist

Justyna Palicka - referentka ds. księgowości w oltransie

Justyna Palicka

Accounting Specialist

Anna Chlebicz - Oltrans - HR Manager - transport

Anna Chlebicz

HR Manager

Monika Jabłońska

Administration Specialist

Paulina Maternowska - specjalista ds administracji biurowej w oltransie

Paulina Maternowska

Administration Specialist