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Ol-Trans celebrates 25 years of continuous operation in the TSL industry

When we set up our family transport company in 1996, located in a small town near Bydgoszcz, we timidly dreamt of achieving a strong position in the non-normative and oversize transport sector. Today, thanks to hard work, commitment, perseverance, ambition, continuous investment and a well-thought-out strategy, we can proudly announce that we have achieved our goal. We have won the trust of our customers and business partners, and our services have been used by major companies from the national and global markets for many years. Our long-term efforts have paid off with membership in the International Road Transport Union and joining the elite group of wind power station transport companies in Europe. The activities of Ol-Trans have also been recognised by numerous organisations, which have awarded us valuable awards and certificates.

In 25 years of operation, we have grown from a small family company into a modern, dynamic enterprise. We have significantly expanded our own fleet and technical facilities, built up a team of qualified and experienced specialists, for whom work is a passion and a challenge, and opened three branches of our company in Poland and Germany. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we have significantly expanded our range of services. Therefore, today, in addition to our flagship services such as the transport of normative and over-normative loads, the transport of wind power stations or the transport of oversize loads, we can offer, among other things, professional transport of dangerous loads, crane services as well as the rental of warehouse space. And all of this in a professionally planned and organised manner and comprehensively and safely implemented.

The 25th anniversary of Ol-Trans is an opportunity for us to summarise and verify the effects of our work, but also to set new goals and take on further challenges. The future of our company lies in further development, implementation of innovations and continuous improvement of the quality of our services. We believe that our many years of experience and knowledge of the market, together with our openness to new solutions, will allow us to continue to provide services at the highest level.